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…in four seconds.

We’ve all seen them – the ads that precede the YouTube video we want to watch. Sharing a video rounds out our social media interaction. It can break up a text-filled blog, illustrate a point or enhance sentiment you are trying to make. Maybe you want to share a video just because.

Lately, this particular ad has been showing up in a lot of videos I have viewed and enjoyed on YouTube. I suspect you’ve seen her too.

I am sick of her. The pooping in public lady is proliferating in my posts. The pooping in public lady is popular. The views on the stand-alone video is testament to her pooping in public power.

She’s showing up on a lot of the videos I would consider sharing. As an end user, I have little choice whether or not she accompanies the video. I have shown videos for webinars, shared videos on serious topics – and up she pops in her party dress and proper posh accent straddling a toilet – four seconds is not a lot to endure, but it is long enough to make me cringe. I admit to seeing it through all the way once, and on its own, it has merit. As an ad, I get it, it works. I just don’t want her as my opening act!

If need be, bring back the bad breath cure-all for dogs.

Many YouTube videos are preceded by a short advertisement. It’s a way for a YouTube channel managers to earn a little money via Google’s Ad Sense.

If you manage a channel you can change what your viewers will see in the way of advertising. Otherwise, Google will select an ad at random. Here’s a video on how to tailor your Ad Sense content.

No s#&t!  (But you will have to watch a cellular ad).