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Storify is a platform that allows you to curate (or select and choose) from conversations taking place in social media about a topic of interest to you. The topic usually revolves around a static or event hashtag, but the Storify manager may also select from known user accounts or do an image search.

Grid layout of Storify. Courtesy of Delaware 4-H

Grid layout of Storify. Courtesy of Delaware 4-H

The result of this curation is either a linear or mosaic compilation of posts and images from Twitter, Facebook,* Instagram, Flickr, Google, Google+, GIF, YouTube and the Web that you build and present to your audience about a story or a ‘happening’. Optional: you may add copy, captions or narrative anywhere in your Storify story.

Content which might be deleted by the originator will appear as a black or blank space. If this occurs you may always go back and remove it from your Storify narrative.

Here are 10 reasons why Storify may be ideal for boosting your social media and web presence:

1. You control the content! If a social media post is negative or inappropriate, you don’t have to include it.

2. Private posts are never used! Only public images and posts are available for inclusion. If someone’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram content is limited due to privacy settings, this content will not be made available to you in Storify.

When you are quoted in Storify. You have the option to share!

When you are quoted in Storify. You have the option to share!

3.You have the option to notify the people that their content has been quoted or used in your Storify story. This usually causes them to be excited, check out the story and share it with their audience. “Look at this, I was part of or got quoted in a story!”Storify is an engagement agent!

4. Rearrange the content at any time! It does not have to be chronological.

5. Customize the header image and brief narrative that explains your Storify story.

You can Tweet any Storify story. They even have their own link shortener

You can Tweet any Storify story. They even have their own link shortener

6. Storify can be shared as a link or embedded into a website page.

7. Select a linear presentation or a grid presentation. Examples courtesy of Delaware 4-H.

8. Your Storify events or builds are archived ascollections. They are presented on a main menu page, similar to a YouTube channel page.

9. Storify is free.** Apps are available for Android and iOS

10. Storify is easy! Learn how with this student created tutorial on YouTube!

Storify places you at the center of a conversation that you control. You may select only from your own accounts or search others to see what they are saying about the event or topic. Your Storify page or event story becomes a one-stop-shop for your audience to read and get a feel for an event they might have missed. The more voices you can add to your Storify composition, the more interesting and attractive it is to diverse audiences. Remember, you and only you choose which conversations are included, and you and only you control how the overall online conversation is presented to the public!

* Because most people have private Facebook settings, content from Facebook for Storify will usually come from public pages. Accessing these posts is a little tricky. I suggest using Chrome as a browser, which has a special Storify plug in. Read: How to add Facebook to Storify.

Storify bookmarklet

Storify bookmarklet

**Premium or VIP Storify is available for large companies. For most interests, the free version is more than adequate!