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“The free lunch we all enjoyed, is over,” Jay Baer

Digital media marketing expert Jay Baer explains how and why the Facebook model to pay for organic reach will travel to all platforms. His explanation of reliable reach is well worth considering in building a social media strategy. Baer has reversed his thinking – older conventional wisdom that a rifle or targeted approach on one or two platforms is the correct strategy. He sees the writing on the wall and the future is a shotgun approach; more content, buck shots of content if you will, splayed out across and customized for a growing number of social media platforms. You don’t know who you are going to hit, but chances the more you shoot, you’ll impact something or someone. Notable segments are at 16:30 and 24:00.

This strategy of course, has its challenges, namely resources, time management and sizes of social media teams. Good and bad news for existing social media mangers – “job security” is assured, but without additional help, your secure job might be an impossible task!