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Image source: Nine colorful birds via cutcaster.com

Image source: Nine colorful birds via cutcaster.com

Reflections. Year in Review. New beginnings. ‘Tis the season for making resolutions (usually in the diet category that most of us will break). But here are my 9 resolutions for social media worth considering and easy to keep!

1. Use caution at public WiFi locations. No online banking or other sensitive work-related, password-protected online activities at free WiFi locations without using a VPN service. Go on, forget that diet. Free WiFi is a real health hazard!

2. Change your passwords to alpha, numeric and symbols. Consider a sentence to help remember it better. Or, consider a password manager.

3. Have a focused purpose or strategic plan for your social media efforts. It’s okay to toss out some experiments and see what sticks and what slides, but a focused topic and a targeted audience is the gold standard for success.

4. Do your due diligence! Think before you spread online gossip, false statements and possibly online malware. Resist the OMG! moments and too-good-to-be-true giveaways. Your online credibility rests on this! Don’t download apps in order to view videos. Read up on privacy settings.

5. Search engine yourself and do it often. What is your online persona? Do you have a personal brand? You might need one!

6. Engage more this year. Converse. Be social on social media.

7. Have a social conscience. Business and profit is fine, but use social media power occasionally (or often) to be useful to others. Actions, advice, attention to an issue —you can make a difference!

8. Go beyond the #FF. Pay it forward. When you make others look good, you’ll look even better. Shout someone out. Say thank you. Credit someone who doesn’t expect it. Take a newbie under your wing.

9. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failing means you’ve tried. Not every effort will be a success. Failure teaches. If you learned a lesson from a failure, then you are a big winner!

And have Happy New Year! See you online!