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Below are two terrific articles by Michael Thomas who writes for Expose the Truth.  He explains the phenomenon of pseudoscience and how social media, now a mainstream media platform, facilitates commenting and sharing articles and so-called truths by sharing without reading. Viral without values.

I’ve seen this happen personally. I see it when a blog post I share on Twitter is shared numerous times, but my WordPress stats remain silent. How often do we share things we don’t read, or comment on articles on Facebook after only reading a suggestive headline or teaser photo?

Comment reading is one of my favorite pastimes and many comments, particularly on Facebook, YouTube, and news sites are very illuminating and downright hysterical. Let’s just say, if comments were an indication of our intelligence and ability to read and comprehend, then we are in a lot of trouble.  I fear we have become reactors and not readers. We run the risk of accepting truths before doing some basic fact checking.

Anyway, if you are in the mood to read, I highly recommend these two Michael Thomas articles:

Bad Sources Spread Pseudoscience 

11 Things Learned Working In Social Media

 You can’t love the truth but hate the facts! ~Unknown